Vesak Day 2018



On the full moon day of May (the sixth lunar month), known as Visakha Puja Day, before 623 B.C. there was born a young prince, named Siddhattha at Lumbini park between the borders of Kabilavatthu City and Thevathaha City. His fathers name was King Suddhodana, who was the king of Kabilaphattu City. His mothers name was Queen Sirimahamaya who lived in Thevathaha City. His mother passed away seven days after his birth. He was later taken care by Pajabodi (his mothers younger sister). Later on when he grew up at the age of 7 years, he was sent to study with Visavamit who was a famous and well-known teacher during that time. When he was 16 years old, he got married to a very beautiful Princess named Yasodhara or Bimba. Thirteen years after their marriage, they had one son whose name was Rahula. One day while traveling to the Royal Garden, he saw four sights, he saw an old man, a sick man, a dead body, and a monk (a Brahmin monk). These made him realize that only a luxurious life could not let him reach the real happiness of life. Later he renounced a worldly life to be a homeless monk at the bank of Anoma river. After being a homeless monk, he wandered from place to place to seek for the real happiness of life. When he was 35 years old, on the full moon day of May (the sixth lunar month), he attained enlightenment which means he had founded the real happiness of life. At that time, he was called as the Buddha which means the Awakened One or the Enlightened One. Not soon after his enlightenment, he started to deliver his teachings for the welfare of mankind. He delivered his first teaching to the Panjavakkiya (the Group of Five Monks)- Kondhanna, Vappa, Bhaddiya, Mahanama, and Assaji. His first teaching was called the Dhammacakkappavattanasutta (setting into the motion of the wheel of Dhamma). After his preaching, Kondhanna, the head of the group, attained the eyes of Dhamma and later asked for the ordination from the Buddha. The Buddha ordained him as the first monk in Buddhism. After that he wandered to preach his teachings for fourty-five years without stopping. And when he was 80 years old, on the full moon day of May (the sixth lunar month), after he had firmly established his teachings to his Orders, he then passed away under the pairs of Sala trees in Kusinara, Malla state. These three events (His Birth, His Enlightenment, and His Passing away (Parinibbana)) took place on the same day and month, but difference in year. The importance of Visakha Puja Day As mentioned that Visakha Puja Day is the Day of the Buddha. When considering in this point, we have seen clearly that the Birth of the Buddha was also the Origin of Buddhism. Because the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and then established Buddhism. So the Birth of the Buddha and the Origin of Buddhism were very important in the history of humankind. The Birth of the Buddha, the Enlightenment of the Buddha, and the Passing away of the Buddha are meaningful as follows; F The Birth of the Buddha The Birth of the Buddha is the proclaiming of Human freedom from sufferings as his words when he was born at Limbini Park I am chief of the world, Eldest am I in the world, Foremost am I in the world. This is the last birth. There is now no more coming to be. He refused any beliefs at that time that human being was not able to develop themselves, because their lives were concerned in the power of Gods. So his birth absolutely refused those beliefs. He believed that human beings had the abilities of developing themselves by their own effort. F The Enlightenment of the Buddha